Saturday, May 20, 2006

May 20, 2006 - Meeting & Kukai

Descanso Gardens - May 20, 2006

The Southern California Haiku Study Group met in the picnic area of Descanso Gardens, enjoying the shade and the antics of squirrels. Jerry, Peggy, Linda, Nardin, Debbie, Janis, and a few others participated in the kukai.

Haiku was written for the following Southern California May kigo:

The Season: end of spring, spring morn, crisp morning, gray May

Flowers and Plants: spent lilacs, first cherries, poppies, late blooming wisteria, mustard, bougainvillea, periwinkles

Sky and Heavens: warm spring breeze, spring sky, mother's moon, hare moon, spring moon, milk moon, morning fog

Birds and Animals: Feeding the squirrels, chirping baby birds, baby rabbits, scrub jay babies, crows eating baby birds, new brood of quail

Mountains and Fields: fresh grass, wildflowers

Human Affairs: Mother's Day, Renaissance Faire, Memorial Day, Cinco de Mayo, midseason baseball, French Open, graduation

A few poets met before the meeting for tea in the Japanese Garden.

The June 17, 2006 meeting & kukai will also be held at Descanso Gardens, from 2:00 - 4:00 pm. Those who wish to meet before the meeting for 1:00 pm tea in the Japanese Garden should contact Debbie Kolodji.


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