Thursday, June 22, 2006

June 17, 2006 - Meeting & Kukai

Descanso Gardens
La CaƱada Flintridge, California

The Southern California Haiku Study Group met in the picnic area of Descanso Gardens for the June 17th meeting and kukai. Jerry Ball, Margaret Hehman-Smith, Vic Gendrano, Debbie Kolodji, Linda Galloway, Nardin Gottfried, Janis, Kraig Keeler, and Naia were present.

Linda reported on the Southern California sajiki project and we discussed insects, which were seasonal and which were not. Peggy reported that long-time member David Priebe was in the hospital, having suffered a stroke. Linda, Nardin, and Debbie are planning to attend the Haiku Society Quarterly meeting on June 24th, in Folsom, California.

The group wrote haiku for the following June kigo in Southern California:

The Season: summer, early summer, June gloom, climbing temperatures, first heat wave, lengthening days

Sky and Heavens: short shadows

Mountains and Fields: brown fields, dry grass, dry fields

Flowers and Plants: green tomatoes, fresh cherries, herbs, berries, melons, late poppies, sweat peas, late jacaranda, magnolia blooming, rose hips, purple hibiscus

Birds and Animals: blue damselfly, birds louder, great blue herons, fledglings, blue jays, ducklings, hummingbirds

Human Affairs: air conditioning, fans, weddings, Father's Day, graduations

42 haiku were entered in the kukai. The following haiku by Jerry Ball garnered the most votes:

green tomatoes
he tells his grandson
about patience

-Jerry Ball

The next meeting and kukai will be on Saturday, July 15th, from 2:00 to 4:00 pm at Point Fermin.


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